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Submersible Pump Screw Pump Under Water Pump QDGa

  • QDGa1.2/1.5/2.0

Working condition:
1, Submersible depth: 15m
2,  The temperature of liquid: + 40ºC
3, The max working pressure: 14bar
4, The maximum sand content: 20g/m³
5, Minimum well diameter: 4"

Pump body: stainless steel
Motor housing: stainless steel
Mechanical seal: ceramic and graphite
Shaft: stainless steel

Name Model Power(w) Remarks Voltage(v) Max Head(m) Max Flow Input/output size      
Submersible Pump     (New Screw Pump) QGDa1.2-50-0.37 370 copper wire 220 50 1200 L/h 1"
QGDa1.5-50-0.55 550 copper wire 220 50 1500 L/h 1"
QGDa2.0-50-0.75 750 copper wire 220 50 2000 L/h 1"

new screw pump---.jpg

new screw pump--.jpg


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