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Classification Of Bathroom Faucets

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Classification Of Bathroom Faucets

At present, there are many kinds of valve core in bathroom faucets market. Such as brass ball valve, ceramic valve, steel ball valve and axle rolling type valve. These are all easy to be installed, repaired and changed. As we all known, the key to faucet quality is valve. Bathroom faucets with rubber core are mostly cast iron faucet with spiral type. But now they have been eliminated.

Steel ball valve always own high technology. It is special suit for the place which in bad water quality. Because valve will not be affected by impurities in the water. The service life of valve will also not be shorten. The handle of steel ball valve has a large angle for adjusting water temperature. With this large angle, we can control the water temperature accurately. At the same time, the hot water would get out quickly. It means that steel ball valve is in energy saving. However axle rolling type valve also have many advantages, such as feeling comfortable, aging resistance and abrasion resistance.

Our brass ball valves are all in high quality. You can shut off the bathroom faucet quickly with our good brass ball valves since the simple design of our brass ball valves.

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