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Water filter angle valve

Products Mode: NV-3012
Three way washing machine bibcock
Size: 1/2〞x 3/3〞

Angle valves are mostly used for the inlet hoses of sinks, washbasin, washing machine, bathroom and toilet. The angle valve also has the general angle valve and micro filtration stage purification water features; more suitable for mounting pad bit into a horizontal line; directly in contact with the water nozzle. Angle valves are made from brass or zinc plated, zinc or plastic handle are both available.
Brass body with brass pole, plastic or zinc handle, polished and chormplated.
Before connecting, body cap male thread should be coated with sealing glue.
Healthy and non -toxic,bacterial neutral .conforming to drinking water standards.

Valves Core:
①, using high-quality ceramic spool of copper, high quality, and withstood 500,000 times the switch can still operate smoothly effort, durable watertight.
②, comfortable light, anti-aging.
Metal coating surface quality levels: multi-layer plating, sufficient thickness, adhesion, uniform, smooth, color elegant and beautiful.
Lead standards: lead standards in line with national GB/T1176, no harm to human health, to protect you and your family to use the product without harmful metal elements.

1, high-quality all-copper body, no rust, no rust water;
2, production of fine products refined body with forged brass, excluding the traditional sand casting porosity and leakage may be hidden dangers.
3, lead-free standards, the human body without harm, in line with environmental protection;
4, multi-layer chrome plating, looks bright as a mirror, look as new, never fade;
5, streamlined design, fashionable and stylish.