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Washing machine angle valve

Products Mode: NV-3013
Three way washing machine mini ball valve
Size: 1/2〞M x 1/2〞F x 3/4〞M

Angle valves, brass Angle valves are mostly used for the inlet hoses of sinks, basins, washing machines and tanks in kitchen and bathrooms. Angle valves are a type of shut off-valve designed for pipes coming from your wall. When you begin to notice leaks around the angle valve, it is a result of faulty washers. Instead of replacing the angle valve, you can fix it.
We promise supply you high quality and durable goods for you.
Testing the sealing in pressure and checking quality of the goods.
High quality brass material.

Angle valve body with inlet, water control port, outlet
1, high-quality all-copper body, no rust, no rust water;
2, production of fine products refined body with forged brass, excluding the traditional sand casting porosity and leakage may be hidden dangers.
3, lead-free standards, the human body without harm, in line with environmental protection;
4, multi-layer chrome plating, looks bright as a mirror, look as new, never fade;
5, streamlined design, fashionable and stylish.