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Vertical centrifugal pump

Products Mode: CPM 158
vertical multistage centrifugal pump
multi-stage centrifugal pump

1.Pump body:cast iron
2.Motor housing:aluminum
3.Shaft:304 stainless steel
Working condition:
1.Max ambient temperature up to 40℃
2.Max fluid temperature up to 60℃
3.Sucition lift up to 8m

Centrifugal impeller is rotated and the water using centrifugal force generated by the work. By centrifugal impeller, pump, shaft, bearings, seal rings, stuffing six-part.
Applicable occasions: in the municipal pipe network, underground engineering, water plant, vacuum equipment, chemical plants, power plants, coal mines and other sectors of the sewage treatment station water systems, fire systems, and widely used in HVAC systems

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