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Submersible water pump

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single-phase submersible pump,
deep well submersible pump
Pump Body: Stainless Steel
Motor housing: Stainless Steel
Mechanical seal: Ceramic and graphite
Shaft: Stainless Steel

Submersible pump is an important deep water pumping equipment. Use the whole unit into the water work.
Submersible pumps can be divided into clear water submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, submersible water pumps (corrosive) categories.
Installation of submersible pumps
1, vertical vertical use, such as in the general wells;
2, inclined to use, such as in a tapered mine roadway;
3, the horizontal use, such as use in the pool.

Working condition:
Submersible depth: 15M
The temperature of liquid: +40℃
The mac.working pressure: 14bar
The max.sand content: 20g/m3
Minimum well diameter: 4"

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new screw pump--.jpg