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Submersible sewage pump

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stainless steel centrifugal submersible pump

Submersible sewage pumps work under water, inside a sump pit. They mainly use float-triggered switches. The sewage pump is placed at the bottom or near the bottom of the sewage basin, which is subsequently found on the lowest part of the area that needs to be drained. Rising water forces the float upwards, triggering the pump. Submersible pumps are more durable than floor sucker, pedestal or water pumps. The power of a sewage pump is usually rated in horsepower with a range between half a horsepower and one horsepower.
Installation of submersible pumps
1, vertical vertical use, such as in the general wells;
2, inclined to use, such as in a tapered mine roadway;
3, the horizontal use, such as use in the pool.

Technical data:
2.Capacity from 1 to 2(m3/h)
3.Total head from 144 to 4(m)

1.Power:0.37 to 1.1kw(single phase)
2.Insulation class:B
3.Protection grade:IP68
4.Maximum diameter:ψ75mm
5.Highest temperature of liquid:35℃

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peripheral submersible pump--1.jpg