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Stainless submersible pump

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deep well submersible pump

Structure features:
Shaft,jacket and hydraulics in stainless steel
Brass impeller
Built-in non-return valve
Thermoplastic parts

A submersible pump is used for wells that are relatively deep and require a lot of pumping power. Submersible pumps serve as sump pumps, pond pumps and well pumps. They go into the well itself and then pump the water up from below. This is different than a jet pump, which does not go into the well and is used for shallower sites. Submersible pumps are frequently used in underwater well systems, and the head on such a submersible pump is an important quantity to determine, as it tells you how well your pump works.
Installation of submersible pumps
1, vertical vertical use, such as in the general wells;
2, inclined to use, such as in a tapered mine roadway;
3, the horizontal use, such as use in the pool.

Technical data:

Cable length:20m
Capacity from 0.5to 1.5(m3/h)
Total head from 79 to 29(m)
Highest temperature of liquid:40℃

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peripheral submersible pump2--1.jpg