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Sewage pump

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A submersible sewage pump is located at the bottom of basin or receptacle, such as a septic tank. The intake for that pump is located as close to the floor of the basin as possible, often being found on the bottom or near the bottom of the device. However pumps, like any appliance, have a limited life span and will need to be replaced every every 2-10 years, depending on the quality. Most of the town is on a hill, and it was probably more expensive to use sewage pumps than just install extra pipelines out of town. A centrifugal pump of special design, having impellers that can pump large pieces of solid matter without clogging.
It can be automatically on-off if it is assembled with float swith. Thermal protector inside pump can automatically shut off the pump when the overheating and overload, to guarantee safe and reliable operation under hard condition.

Mainly used in the enterprise unit wastewater discharge. Urban sewage treatment plant discharge system. Subway, basement, air defense systems pumping station. Hospitals, hotels, high-rise building sewage discharges. Residential sewage pumping station. Municipal engineering, construction sites dilute slurry emissions. Water plant water supply installations. Sewage farms and rural irrigation.

Working condition:
1.The maximim deep it is allowed in water is 5m from its center of impeller.
2.The trans medium's temperature shouldn't be higher than 40℃
3.Trans medium PH:4-10
4.The kinematics viscosity of the trans is 7x10-7~23x10-6m2/S
5.The maximim density of the trans medium is 1.2x103kg/m3

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