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Radiators Drain plug

Products Mode: NR-1013
Drain plug for radiators,adiustable and selfsealing
Size: 1/2" 3/4"

The drain plug can also be damaged from over-tightening during installation. The radiator drain plug is used to keep the radiator fluid inside, as well as draining the fluid when flushing the radiator. Most drain plugs are at the lowest point of the radiator.
Advantages: Good seal, gas impermeability resistance, Ozone resistance, Oil and fuel resistance,Water resistance, Anti-aging.
Various types and different car models can satisfaction.
I offer a variety of specifications radiator plug accessory kits and spare parts; radiator plug, also known as discharge cock, its role is to manually drain the radiator air. To middle and low prices is the high-end quality products truly puerile sales philosophy, sincerely welcome your call and order!