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Male thread brass ball valves

Products Mode: NV-1025
Male/male with BH steel handle
Size 1/2〞3/4〞1〞

Brass ball valves on the fluid in the pipe is mainly used for cutting, distribution and changing the direction of media flow, designed in a V-shaped opening of the ball also has good flow regulation.
Thread is parallel female BSP on one side and male BSP on the other side.
Available in 15 mm to 100 mm sizes. Just select the size you need. If you would like to purchase several valves of different size, just add them a size at the time into your shopping trolley.
Corrosion resistant, not scaling, no rust, anti-bacterial.
Solar heating and cooling equipment system.
If you need more information on Brass ball valve style, please contact us, we will promptly give you an answer.