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Elbow fitting

Products Mode: NF-1014
Size: 16x1/2〞 20x1/2〞 26x3/4〞 32x1〞 16x3/4〞 20x3/4〞 26x1〞

Elbow fittings change the direction of flow in piping systems. Elbows are controlled by industrial standards with limitations on size, bend (there’s that generic term again) and the angle. Sounds simple enough, but this gives a piping system design tremendous flexibility as it saves space and makes the contents of the pipes go where they are supposed to. Elbow fittings seem easy enough to use, but like any piping system on your application, you must understand the types of fittings and their technical specifications before putting them to use. It’s virtually impossible to design a piping system without taking these factors into consideration.