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Brass angle valve

Products Mode: NV-3011
Angle valve with filter,ball joint and flange
Size: 1/2〞x 10

Angle valves called triangle valve, angle valve, knuckle valve. This is because the pipe at a 90 degree angle valve at the corner of the shape, so called angle valve, angle valves, knuckle valve.
Angle valve body with inlet, water control port, outlet

Valves Core:
①, using high-quality ceramic spool of copper, high quality, and withstood 500,000 times the switch can still operate smoothly effort, durable watertight.
②, comfortable light, anti-aging.
Metal coating surface quality levels: multi-layer plating, sufficient thickness, adhesion, uniform, smooth, color elegant and beautiful.
Lead standards: lead standards in line with national GB/T1176, no harm to human health, to protect you and your family to use the product without harmful metal elements.

1, high-quality all-copper body, no rust, no rust water;
2, production of fine products refined body with forged brass, excluding the traditional sand casting porosity and leakage may be hidden dangers.
3, lead-free standards, the human body without harm, in line with environmental protection;
4, multi-layer chrome plating, looks bright as a mirror, look as new, never fade;
5, streamlined design, fashionable and stylish.