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Basin faucets H13

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A bathtub faucet serves both functional and visual purposes, making your selection an important decision. Home improvement stores offer a wide range of bathtub fixtures, with different handle options, styles and finishes. To choose the best bathtub faucet, you will need to consider the overall style of your bathroom, your price range, the mounting type and the faucet style. A faucet made specifically for bathtubs will be necessary to accommodate the high water flow. The most important advantage is that the faucet has only one handle, but just this handle, it can control both of the cold and hot water’s flowing, it can mix these two kinds of water to reach a suitable temperature, it is very easy and efficient.

H13         Φ40    single lexer mixer
Bathtub mixer
Sink kitchen mixer
Bidet mixer
Bathtub/shower mixer