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Air outlet valve

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Air outlet valve
Size: 1/2" 3/4"

An outlet valve is a one-way valve that allows compressed air out of a compressor. The Air Outlet Valve is a device for the removal of the air that accumulates in hot-water heating systems. Air outlet valves may be automatically or manually operated. The manually operated outlet valve, which is a cock for periodic air release, is sometimes installed with a trap (tank) where the air accumulates before release. The automatic air outlet valve discharges air as it accumulates by means of floats that open the discharge outlets when the level of the liquid in the device is lowered.

I offer a variety of specifications Air outlet valve radiator plug accessory kits and spare parts; radiator plug, also known as discharge cock, its role is to manually drain the radiator air. To middle and low prices is the high-end quality products truly puerile sales philosophy, sincerely welcome your call and order!