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Valve Core In The Faucet

2014-06-06 06:36:23

Ordinary consumers concerns about the appearance of kitchen faucet at first when choosing the kitchen faucet. But the more important is its function and water way. It means that the key to choose kitchen faucet is faucet valve core. At present, the common valves are stainless steel spool, copper core and ceramic valve core. And the ceramic valve is widely used in daily life. Certainly it is important to know how to change the valve core. If you want to change the faucet valve core, you should loosen the screws then pull the handle at first. Then pull out the shell. Finally loosen the screws which lock switch core and take the old switch core away, installing new one on a proper position.
Stainless steel valve is one kind of valve that with high content of science and technology. But it is easy to be rust and even make pollution to the water if the steel material is not good. Copper valve is heaviest and expensive. While the requirement to copper quality is very high. Otherwise it is easy to save scale. The advantage of axle roll Faxing is that the faucet handle rotate smoothly, the operation is easy, feel comfortable, aging resistance and abrasion resistance. The ball valve handle has large angle in the area of adjusting water temperature. It can control water temperature of faucet accurately and ensure the hot water out quickly and accurately. So it will play the effect of energy saving. Ceramic valve core is the best valve core with the advantage of strong resistance to abrasion, good sealing performance, long service life and high temperature resistance.