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Step For Water Pump Maintenance

2014-06-12 06:29:15

How to do a good job of cooling is to ensure that an important step in the life of the engine after automobile engine has used for a long time. The engine water pump has this important function. So drivers don’t forget to check the water pump when doing daily maintenance. Next we will provide six step for maintenance to ensure the water pump cycling successfully.
1.check the pump body and belt pulley. When they have worn and damaged, you may change a new one if it is necessary.
2.decomposition with sequential after the water pump brought out.
3.use emery cloth to grinding if the water seal has been abrasion. And use plane reamer or repair in the lathe if the water seal has any coarse scratches.
4.We can repair welding if the pump body has some damage such as not extend into the crack of bearing seat hole under 30mm, has a breaking part on the flange, has been damaged on the oil seal seat hole.
5.Ensure the water pump bearing can rotate flexible and has no abnormal noise.

6.Rotate with hand after the water pump has been assembled and ensure pump shaft has no clamping stagnation, impeller and pump shell has no rub impact. Then check the drainage volume of water pump. If there is any problem, you should check the reason and exclude.