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Overnight Water In The Bathroom Faucet

2014-09-03 05:54:46

Generally speak, water adjacent the water pipe and in bathroom faucet which has stopped overnight are stationary. Residues of microorganisms in the water will be a lot of reproduction. According to the research, overnight water will attack the hydration reaction in the metal chamber of faucet. It will make metal pollution water and residual micro-organisms in the tap water will multiply. There is hidden in a Legionella bacteria. This bacteria is easy to lead disease to people. Patients who infected this bacteria will feel chest pain, depressed, very easy to snooze, irritability, confusion, directional hinder. And even some people will get diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, disgust and other digestive tract diseases.

If people use bad faucet, the lead content in water will be more seriously overrun. The first reason of bathroom faucet connecting nut can not up to national standard is that connecting nut thickness is bad or use non copper materials instead. So customers must choose copper nut. Certainly you had better choose copper shower accessories.

In fact, we often find that water color become yellow, white or dirty. In daily life, the water we drink mostly is surface water, and polluted by detergent and other organic matter. So we must use tap water reasonable to avoid disease. The correct operation is releasing a basin water in order to make overnight water came out. Then use the tap water wash face and brush teeth.