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Installing Wall Kitchen Faucet

2014-11-05 10:12:18

Wall kitchen faucet are widely used in our life. When you install the wall kitchen faucet, you must open the water source at first and remove impurities and sand in the piping. Then close the water source. Locking the flange cover into the water inlet elbow tooth part. And wrapping diarrhea  belt on the tooth part, then lock into the strong surface piping. Secondly, adjust the cold and hot water inlet elbow. Rotating the angle until hole distance same as cold and hot water inlet hole distance. Rotating the flange cover until it close to the wall. Finally put the rubber gasket into the connecting screw cap.

When you use the wall kitchen faucet, you must clean whole parts regularly. So it will not obstruction and the water can get out successfully. Please don’t use cleaning agent which own corrosive while cleaning and maintenance. After cleaning the dirt on the surface, you had better use sponge or soft cloth and adding some neutral detergent to wipe gently. So you can keep the wall kitchen faucet bright luster. Sometimes you may want to remove the handle. At this time, you must remove it correctly.