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Install Bathroom Shower By Yourself

2014-07-04 06:19:20

Next we will introduce the bathroom shower installing steps. Firstly prepare the tools which will be used in the installing process. They are drill, hammer, screwdriver and ruler. Secondly read the instructions and  use tape to measure the dimensions, the installation height position. At the same time you should make a mark. The bathroom shower bearing had better put on the marked position and use a pencil to mark the location that need to punch. Thirdly punched a hole in the wall and hammer into the expansion screw sleeve, put the bottom cover on the wall with screws. Put the shower pole mounted to the wall. Certainly you should make the above point fixed stability and then fixed the following position. Adjust carefully after ensure the screw has all screwed into the wall. Finally make the hose sets of bathroom shower tighten and then install hand shower.

In fact, it is not difficult to install bathroom shower. You just grasp the shower installation height. Bathroom shower can be divided into two kinds according to its types. One is dark shower, another is mining shower. The dark one often distance from the ground  2.1 meters and the shower switch center usually distance from the ground about 1.1 meter. The mining one always defined with water and its installed position had better distance from the ground about two meters. Certainly people could change its height by actual situation.