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How To Remove Rust On Kitchen Faucet

2014-07-21 08:44:38

Kitchen faucet is always made of stainless steel material. Stainless steel not means that material will not be rust, but in good rust resistant. There are some nickel, chromium and other materials in the kitchen faucet. So it is easy to form primary battery with water, that will produce rust finally. This layer of rust cover on the surface of the facet and also make the faucet loose luster. It does not look good.
How to remove the rust on the kitchen faucet?  Maybe you can take a potato to have a try. Potato is natural and environmental protection. After using for a long time, the kitchen faucet surface always  deposit a layer of dirt or scale. Firstly you should find a potato and cut the potatoes with a knife. Then you can use the meat side clean on the surface of stainless steel faucet surface repeatedly. At this time you can find that the dirt and scale on the faucet surface are all washed off gradually. Finally washing kitchen faucet with cleaning water. There will be a bright kitchen faucet which looks as a new one.

In the kitchen, you don’t need to clean rust on the faucet deliberately. When you are cutting the potato in the kitchen, you can remove the rust by the way. Certainly if there is no potato, you can choose the white radish skin instead. Sometimes vegetables have a good function in life.