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How To Change Faucet Filter Net

2014-10-08 05:40:56

Kitchen faucet is closely related to our daily life. As we all known, using the tap single will splash, so you had better equipped with a layer of faucet filter net. That can avoid splash effectively. After using the net for a long time, the filter net will appear a layer of impurity and the faucet will be not very smooth, the water will be smaller. But little people know how to clean and change the filter net.

Every family often use faucet filter net, but they always ignore cleaning it. There are many impurity in the filter net after water erosion. After using for a long time, there will be a layer of sediment attached in it. So the net will be very difficult to clean. If you have not cleaned the net in time, the faucet will be blocked. So we should often clean the faucet filter net and keep the net smoothly.

Next we will introduce how to change faucet filter net. At first, you should prepare spare filter net at home. This net is cheap, you can buy it to hardware market. Using some tools remove the filter net and open the faucet from installing position. So that you can move the filter net easily. When you install a new filter net, you must obey the installing rules.