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Classification Of Shower Head

2014-10-22 06:47:02

Shower head is a device for watering flowers, potted plants and other plants originally. Then someone converted it for shower. So shower head become a common device in bathroom.

Shower heads can be divided into three types by their shapes. They are hand type, head type and side spray. The hand type is more flexible, the head one is more fixed and the side spray is hidden in the wall.

According to different ways of water out, shower heads have five types. They are general type, massage type, soft type, turbine type, strong beam type. Shower head with general type is suitable for simple and quick shower. The water out through a plurality of outlet. It can create a large area of rain-like effect. Shower head with soft type is especially suitable for shampooing. Water in mixing chamber mixed with air to form flow like drop. The strong beam one can produce foggy effect through the flow water. It also could increase fun to bathing delight.

Shower head also could be divided into two types. They are concealed shower, surface mounted with lift rod shower. These two types are in different types. The shower switching center of concealed one had better 1.1 meter higher than the road.