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Choose Water Pump With Local Conditions

2014-08-19 05:28:40

Recent years, with the development of agricultural structure adjustment,  farmers make full use of low hill and wasteland resources.  Farmers develop efficient agricultural in large area, but these are often difficult to gravity irrigation. So farmers usually buy water pump to irrigation.

Farmers should pay attention to choose water pump. At first, they can buy water pump with local conditions. There are three kinds of agricultural pump. They are centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump. The water from centrifugal pump is not large and application to the mountains and the well irrigation area. The out water of axial flow pump is large, and it is used in plain area. However the out water of mixed flow pump is between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. People can choose the water pump with local conditions, water source and water height.

After determining the type of pump, people should consider their economic performance, especially for pump lift, power flow and the related. Certainly there is some different between the total lift and the actual lift. It is because that there will be some pressure loss when the flow water through pipes and pipe near. In actual using, people only could estimate with 80% to 90% of the note head and flow rate. The pump related power could choose with power selection which sign on the plate indicate. In order to make the pump start rapidly and use safety, the engine power can also be slightly larger than the pump. If you already have power, you can choose the water pump according to engine power.