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Bathroom Faucet And Kitchen Faucet

2014-06-19 07:13:45

Faucet is generally used for toilet and kitchen. Faucet style also give more small fun with fashion to life. Next we will introduce the difference between bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets.
Bathroom faucet is installed on the wash basin. It is used for cold water, hot water or mixture. Water outlet of basin faucet is shorter and lower. And it is mainly for the occupants cleansing, washing clothes. They can be divided into screw lifting, metal ball valve, ceramic valve core type and other wash basin. Good quality basin faucet body is made of brass, and the appearance has been plated by chrome, gold-plated and various colors of paint. Its modeling is various. The handle is also in various types. There are single handle, double handle, open mode, rotary type, press type, automatic induction and other several styles.
Kitchen faucets are installed on the kitchen sink. They are used for washing the dishes and bowls. Outlet pipe of the kitchen faucets are usually long. Higher outlet is convenient to large items washed in the pool. Some kitchen faucet have set thermostat button and people can adjust the temperature according to its purpose. It means that you can use cold water for washing food and use hot water to wash hands. Some kitchen faucet can be also rotation left and right. They are suitable for double basin wash basin in the family. Some have installed water filtration device to meet the higher requirements on the quality of the kitchen. More high-grade kitchen faucet with extension type faucet which has a length of hose can be flexible. It just like shower that you can use it in the hands. So people all think it is very convenient.