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Submersible pump

Submersible pumps are including submersible sewage pump, submersible sewage pump with cuttings, steel submersible sewage pump, plastic drainage pump, stainless steel drainage pump, deep well pumps and deep well screw pumps. The submersible pump’s main characteristic is that the whole pump is in the water. By this way, the pump can make very big head, and also big capacity of water flow. For example, the QGD, 4skm or QJD pumps, they can make the head to 100m. It is very useful for some place who is very short of the water. In this kind of pumps, we have many models, such as V1100F, V1500F, V1100DF, V1300DF, WQD10-10-0.55, WQD10-12-0.75, Q400, Q550, QS400, QS550, QGD1.2-50-0.37, QGD1.5-50-0.55, QGD2.0-50-0.75, QGDa1.2-50-0.37, QGDa1.5-50-0.55, 75QJD110-0.25, 75QJD115-0.37, 4SKm100 and 4SKm150.