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Single lever shower faucet

Shower faucet is a faucet to be applied in shower rooms or shower cabinets. It is also installed by mounting the wall, the two inlet holes’ distance is normally at 15cm, international standard size. The water flow is only one way, to the shower head. it is connected by a 150cm long shower hose to the shower head. Recently, the shower faucet is more and more welcome to the peoples. And the shower faucet has been changed some. The shower faucet’s outlet hole will be on the up-size of the body, and from this outlet hole, there will be fixed by a shower bar, and on the top end of the elbow bar, there will be connected by a big size shower head. And by the way, between the body and the shower bar, there is fixed by a diverter, and from the diverter, the normally the shower hose 1.5 and the small spray shower head will fixed here. The diverter can control the water come from up big shower head or the small spray shower head. It can be changed as requirement. Now, the shower faucet is more welcome than bathtub faucets in the world.